1. Express yourself. Be who you were created to be! #socality (at Dallas Art Muesum)

  2. We were meant for more than this.


  3. Today I got to shoot a video in this awesome building! It was amazing. @snazzijazzi and I are collaborating on a video project and I can’t wait to share it!

  4. Got to spend the afternoon shooting a video with @ezcohen. He is one of my favorite filmmakers. His work is amazing and he has a huge heart for the kingdom. I have learned so much from him and love getting to work with him! #socality (at Pride Rock)

  5. Caste all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. 🌔 #socality

  6. Today was such a good day to go out and gram! How has the beginning of your new year been? #instameet2014 (at Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas)

  7. Here’s another shot from tonight’s #socalitydallas meet. This is the one and only @tommyesco defying gravity! I met this guy about a year ago and I have never been disappointed by his work! 👋

  8. It was such a blessing to spend some time with @laura_elizabeth yesterday. She has such an amazing heart for people! She loves meeting people and getting to know them personally and not just online over social media. She is truly a huge inspiration. #postmoreportraits

  9. Merry Christmas from #dresdenseth (at Gateway Church)

  10. #advicetonewgramers an excellent profile picture is always important! You want to have a profile photo that can be noticed anywhere! I like to have a high quality portrait that I can use for all my social media accounts. It keeps my accounts consistent, so anyone can find me on any site just by my picture. #postwithexcellence

    Here is my new profile picture taken by the one and only @technopaul from #InNOutMondays! (at In-N-Out Burger)

  11. My #AdviceToNewGramers would be the same @brenton_clarke shared in the film, @instagramis. Don’t take Instagram too seriously. And it’s not all about the followers or the number of likes. Instagram is all about building community and forming real relationships…and it’s not all about #jumpstagrams but Brenton has a legendary jump!

  12. I’m so honored to have become a suggested user! It’s so awesome to be apart of this amazing community! @instagram has been a huge part of my life and has blessed me with so many opportunities. I’m truly gratefully.

    Thank you Instagram!

    Glory to God.

  13. We will rise, we will rise!

  14. Remember that one time we broke the Golden Gate Bridge? #swayingstructures #100501photowalk (at Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion)

  15. I couldn’t resist. 😁

    #whereinstagramis Starring:
    @instagram (at Alamo Square)